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Project - December small stories



You did a beautiful job with these! Love the colors and little details.

I LOVE these. That is a great way to document those important details.

Project - December small stories
About this project

Project - December small stories
by Paperclips29
posted 02/09/13 at 01:20 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This is in response to this week's Scrap Your Stash video to use divided page protectors to scrapbook any topic using 10 or more photos. These are mainly little things that happened during December. I'd likely not have made a full page about any one of these, but in divided page protectors I got 12 little stories in two page protectors, and it doesn't overwhelm my scrapbook. It also gives my album a bit more context. For instance, the Æbleskiver layout on the 4th page – I mention æbleskiver several times in my album, but I actually took the time to document what they are here… even if there isn't an actual photo of them.

These are A4 sized sheets that hold 4 vertical 4x6 photos. I cut about an inch off the top to make them 11“ tall (I scrap 8.5x11). That gives me a 4x6 and a 4x4.75” pocket. I like the variety this gives (though the full A4 sheet would also fit in my album fine). I usually treat each space as an individual layout, though I sometimes combine two cells either vertically or horizontally.

I do this style of scrapping frequently in all my albums now. Love it. Wish I'd discovered these page protectors years ago. Great way to document the small stuff and use up scraps. It's probably the closest I'll ever get to a PL album.

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