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Project - In Memory of Isabelle



What a beautiful meaningful without saying alot. I am sorry for your loss...

This is wonderful!

She is so beautiful and this is such a pretty layout. I am sad for your loss. I can't even allow myself to think about the day when mine are gone.

What a truly wonderful tribute page!! I also had a silver gray tabby that I want to do a page for and this is certainly an inspiration to me. One question though - what font did you use for the Silver Girl wording?? It's just beautiful and so sad.

Sorry for your loss. Can't even consider the day I will lose my pup. They're all such important members of our family. Beautiful tribute to your girl.

I am in the same boat as D ragon-I have tears in my eyes for not only your loss, but the loss of my beloved Tia- It has been over 6 years since her death and your LO brought fresh tears-I have since adopted two crazy kitties a brother and a sister (Cheddar and Pekoe) and it has helped, but it is bittersweet to remember my love-good luck in all the grieving- I had to take a week off of work-thank God that my boss just lost her cat a few months earlier and understood fully- Ihope yours does too- take care Silver-and say hi to Tia for me&gt;

Project - In Memory of Isabelle
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Project - In Memory of Isabelle
by mi_scrapper
posted 08/26/03 at 09:41 AM
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She was my beautiful silver girl and now she's gone; these lines from “Bridge Over Troubled Water” seemed so appropriate.

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