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Project - Award winning pink pig from CHA



Ive had one of these for a few years now. They have been in the UK for at least 2 to 3 years. Great items and the kids love it. I stuck goodle eyes and foam ears on mine,lol.

Oh my! Must have!

very cute!

ROFL...soooo freakin cute!

So stinkin' cute! TFS!

A warning the pig ears do not come with it but it is CUTE!!! It is really GREAT to use I need to replace my old heat gun with this new one. It is especially great if you have kids in your scrap area or have any repetitive motion injuries.

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Project - Award winning pink pig from CHA
About this project

Project - Award winning pink pig from CHA
by Jennia Hart
posted 02/02/06 at 08:57 PM
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This pink pig won the first place award for innovations at the CHA show. It is not often that a farm animal picks up such an award but the owner of Heritage Handcrafts was SQUEALING with delight as she received the ribbon. OK enough of the puns. Why is this pig so special you ask?

1) Ergonomic design. It has a stand that can be used to position the gun over your project!!! YEAH! No more holding that gun for long periods of time.

2) It has a directional nozzle that protects you from getting burned. (See the platic collar around the blower area? That's what protects you.)

Heritage Handcrafts has the exclusive US rights to this pink pig so they are the people to contact for retail or wholesale orders. []

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