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Project - Themed Projects : Easter

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Project - Themed Projects : Easter
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Project - Themed Projects : Easter
by Rhonna Farrer
posted 06/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

6x12: totally fun size to scrap. <p>
1. Open up lined paper.<p>
2. Create a New Layer & stamp the <b>Artsy Edged Punches</b> on the top & bottom of the layout.<p>
3. On this same layer, stamp the <b>Photo Die Cuts</b> scalloped edge.<p>
4. Open up your favorite patterned paper. This is from the<i> Raspberry Beret </i>kit coming soon. With your Move Tool, drag & drop it ON TOP of the layer with the die cuts & punches.<p>
5. Go to: LAYERS>GROUP LAYERS.<br> Depending on which program you use, it may say something different. For instance: <br>
in Photoshop CS2 it's CREATE CLIPPING MASK<br>
in Photoshop 7 it's GROUP WITH PREVIOUS LAYER<br>
& in Photoshop Elements, its' GROUP LAYERS.<p>
6. Create a New Layer & stamp the Photo Die Cut brush.<p>
7. Open up your photo. With Move Tool drag & drop ON TOP of the layer with the die cuts.<p>
8. Repeat step 5. <p>
9. Add elements & text & you have a fun event layout!
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