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Project - Themed Projects :Shazam!

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Project - Themed Projects :Shazam!
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Project - Themed Projects :Shazam!
by Rhonna Farrer
posted 08/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

One fun thing about Digital Scrapbooking is the options you have for photo manipulation!<p>
It is so fun to add textures, light modes to blend & various photo edges.<p>
Experiment for artsy looks in your photos! <p>
1. Open up your striped paper from the <i>Sassy Mini Kit</i>.<p>
2. Open a Color Lay Texture from the <i> Vintage Photo Kit</i> & go into your Layers Palette:<br> Select: Overlay Mode & you will add instant texture to the striped paper.<p>
3. Open your photo, move with your move tool.<p>
4. Select another Texture from the <i>Vintage Photo Kit</i> & again, select a Layer Mode to blend.<br> Have fun with the various Modes & rememeber that each photo will lend itself to a different Mode…so play & have fun!<p>
5. Open up the Frame from the Vintage Photo kit, add & resize if needed.<p>
6. Add various brushes, tags & even cut the photo in various places to give a different look.<p>
<i><b>The possibilities are endless with digital scrapbooking…experiment, practice & enjoy the process!</i></b>
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