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Project - The Details of Me



Cool layout and fun photo! I love what you did with that frame and your journaling is great too!

What a fun page Janelle! It is hard to take those self portraits but this looks great - mine all end up with a really weird angle on them.

Such a fun LO, Janelle. I love your self-portrait and I'm sure I'd do worse. I have such short arms I'd never get everything in the frame. But then, you're braver than me. I've never tried. LOL! I really love your LO design with the cool frame and the fabulous journaling.

Fabulous! I really like how you used the frame for your facial photo - peeking out with your bright smily eyes. :D

Love the page, your journaling and the little jab of humor at yourself for your picture taking self portraits always come out funny too.

so so cute! I didn't even think about recoloring the frames. super cute!

Project - The Details of Me
About this project

Project - The Details of Me
by Janelle Miller
posted 03/13/10 at 09:52 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I used Scrap Originals “VINTAGE PAPER FRAMES 1” and altered the color like crazy. I was looking for a cool and funky frame for this page - it is so fun to be able to use digi products and make them be what you are looking for. Who'd think that a very vintage product could be used like this. This is for Superiorpea's definition of me challenge too.
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