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Project - Four Generations



Wow! Your first digital layout rocks. Love the generations photo!

Love your LO and what a special photo!

This is so pretty!

What a great photo!
I like the way the embellishments add to the story.

This is really great embellishing of your four-generation photo, and that you did all this digitally, wow!

I can't believe this is your FIRST DIGITAL LAYOUT....I could NEVER do that, especially the first time. Love it!!

Project - Four Generations
About this project

Project - Four Generations
by paperpilekitten
posted 06/10/10 at 07:23 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I found an old photo from the '60s of myself as a toddler, with my mom, my grandmother and great grandmother, so I decided to make a vintage style layout.
The page includes lots of flowers and plants as symbols for the interest in gardening but also for all the cooking and kitchen labour at harvest time of the year. Those women worked hard to keep a large household running.
I also included buttons, lace, chrochet flowers and a measuring tape to illustrate the weaving, sewing and other handicrafts that the women did to decorate the home and dress their family. I know that they enjoyed this work particulary, and they saw the handicrafting as “time off”, because in the old days a woman would not be caught idle if she wanted to keep her good reputation.
I have had the luxury to only do crafts and cook strawberry jam for fun and pleasure, and not out of necessity. But I am truly thankful for all the labor that my foremothers did with so much love. It contributed to make our family strong for generations to come.
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