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Project - Blended Scrapbook - Spring trip 2009

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Thanks for the inspiration. I love using blended albums for trips, just like you did. I want to get the memories down before they disappear from my mind, LOL. Thank you also for taking the time to take and post photos.

I absolutely LOVE your blended album! Thanks for sharing!

A week-wow! You did a great job. I love the six 4x6 slot pages where you included a title and journaling and made it into an easy to do scrapbook page.

Project - Blended Scrapbook - Spring trip 2009
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Project - Blended Scrapbook - Spring trip 2009
by LindaBabe54
posted 07/20/09 at 10:11 AM
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Here are some selected images from my first blended scrapbook - blended meaning scrapped pages and photo pages intermingled in the same album. Not fancy, but adequate.

This album was 58 pages of our spring trip - 17 days through NY, Ohio, IN, IL, WI, MN, MI, OH, NY.

I took FAR too many photos to scrap them all but I wanted the ‘story’ all in one place.

The album had a title page, a long-winded typed introduction for the ‘backstory’ and the first part for which I had no photos,and an equally long-winded typed ending. In between, the journalling and captions will have to be sufficient.

The goal for this book was to get the story down and the photos organized before the next trip. It took a week.

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