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Project - All In 30 Days



Awesome, awesome stuff!

The eyelets looks great here, and those squares behind the photo too <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

I love this, much inspiration in just these pages!

Wow! These 2 pages are filled with wonderful ideas. I love the way you punched those scalloped edges and I really like the small rounded squares too. Great pages!

love how you put the holes in the scalloped area! looks good!

Lovin' those big scalloped edges! Cute LO <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Project - All In 30 Days
About this project

Project - All In 30 Days
by fredfreddy
posted 12/15/07 at 05:22 PM
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I used the scallop as a pattern and used the eyelet hammer to make the series of holes. I also cut up a piece of patterned paper into 2x2 in squares for a design.
<p>papers by AtoZ and Bazzill, eyelets by MM, flower picked up at Micheal's, font is “you are what you eat”
<p>journaling reads: Nov 26 – Every night after dinner she gets to rinse the dishes and put away all the leftovers. All this plus more for $8 a week.
<p>Nov 19 – She’d rather study up in her room because she can concentrate better with really loud music.
<p>Nov 18 – The family manages to all get together and look nice for the first family photo in three years.
<p>Nov 14 – She goes along with the family to the elementary school book fair. She is bribed with a free book for attending.
<p>Nov 12 – Mother and daughter go shopping at the mall. It is a relatively painless experience for both.
Nov 28 – School just wouldn’t be school without a cute boyfriend at your side.

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