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Project - NSBR:Painting kitchen cabinets

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I can relate to making what you've got work! Here's my suggestion... I'd do a RED basecoat followed by a cream topcoat and distress to end up with the red showing through. It'll look great with the black appliances. Best of luck! Be sure to post pics when you are done.

Project - NSBR:Painting kitchen cabinets
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Project - NSBR:Painting kitchen cabinets
by girlsnow
posted 10/29/06 at 05:09 PM
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I need to update kitchen I inherited when I married my husband. It is so dark. First picture is cabinets showing cupboard detail. Second is showing how dark they are when flash is not on. Third is dark vinyl flooring.

I have butcher-block countertops that I'd like to keep. I am thinking of painting cabinets as they are solid wood so they are very stable, just yucky dark. I need to brighten things up. I was thinking of a white/creme with distressing in green or orange or yellow. I also have new black appliances that I need to work with.

Please share your pictures and advice along with paint names and color numbers. TIA

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