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Project - Flashback Friday 3.26 *Sluething*



I just love your title Lynn! I have my page on Nancy Drew still lying on my desk. A title is eluding me, but I won't steal yours! Bwaa haa haa! Great job on this one!

Ooooh, Lynn. I so remember reading those. Your LOs are always so eye-catching. Very cool.

I never got into Nancy Drew, but I love your page. The book jackets and yellow against the black is so striking.

Very nice and crisp looking....and I love Nancy, too!

Project - Flashback Friday 3.26 *Sluething*
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Project - Flashback Friday 3.26 *Sluething*
by Maddawg
posted 03/26/10 at 07:52 AM
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This week's challenge was to do a past challenge so I went all the back to 2 weeks ago. lol!!! So the challenge was to do favorite TV shows or books. So I jumped on the bandwagon and it appears that most everyone in the awesome FBF group loved Nancy Drew. She was da bomb back in the day. lol!!!!

journaling: Nancy and I went on a lot of adventures together, solved mysteries, met new people and visited foreign countries. I accumulated and read ALL her books (don’t know what happened to them, hmmm….a mystery). Nancy had high standards, that looking back were impossible, because she excelled at everything. Of course she had morals, ethics and lots of courage. Not a bad example, really. Even though I knew I could never live up to the standard she was, didn’t stop me from trying. I found my talents were just a bit different from Nancy’s which made it all the more fun reading because well its fiction. And fiction rocks!

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