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Project - flashback friday 7.23

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That IS funny. My family had one of those huge furniture TV/Stero/Record player units too. You just gave me such a happy memory. Its funny what parents do in order to control the environment and upbringing of children. This is great!

"Ruin the needle!" How funny, Lynn. I remember those furniture stereos - but my parents used that one more than I did. I think the one I used for my records was in a box-like thing that you could put the lid on and carry it with a handle - portable party - woohoo! And, Lynn, I think you should do a LO on GULLIBLE for you and your brother!

OMG OMG OMG I friggin' love this Lynn! I love the story and memory about hi-fi stereos and needles (we had one of those big honkin' pieces of furniture in our living room too and only snuck in the rock music records when no P's were home ;) I absolutely love the recreated lp record, love the swirl of music notes and that swirley brad makes me think of those plastic thingys you had to poke in the middle of a 45. Oh yes, my friend, you rocked it this week (pun definitely intended LOL)!

Project - flashback friday 7.23
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Project - flashback friday 7.23
by Maddawg
posted 07/23/10 at 09:14 AM
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this week's challenge was to scrap a quote. this one was from my dad and a long time coming. lol!!! so i did a cheesey lo bwahahah! 33 1/3 record outta bazzill c/s kf twill, thickers, unk flower and brad swirl, font ll tippa (probably from dafonts) jolies stickers and hero arts alpla stamps. the back story y dad had a unique “quote” to keep my brother from playing dreaded rock ‘n roll music on his stereo. Hi-fi stereo. You remember those. Had a needle some could change the records. Was a BIG piece of furniture in the room.

As you can guess, dear old dad hated rock ’n roll. And because “it would ruin the needle” we weren't allowed to play it. Sigh. We missed the whole revelution just about. However, my brother and I did receive a broad variety of music. Mom liked Eddie Arnold, Robert Goulet and I could sing the entire score to Camelot. My dad liked country as well, Chet Atkins, Arthur Lymon and would play his guitar “by ear” to those albums to de-stress. We were allowed to play “the Four Seasons and some Mo-town” which my dad's younger brother would sneak in. Eventually I did catch up with the whole rock 'n roll thing. However, ecclectic is fun!

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