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Project - flashback friday 7.30 "dream"

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Beautiful layout. I love all the handwritten journaling. The story, design and photo are all perfect!

Lynn, this is soooo cool. It's exactly what I had in mind in giving the challenge. I not only loved reading your journaling and smiling about all of the hopping and tucking Shane did to Mammy, I also just love your design with the round shape and bright colors. And those big letters just are screaming out the perfect title for this page! Awesome job this week!

Great tradition for our challenge this week, Lynn. How cool that your kids took such good care of her. I'm guessing that Shane wasn't 13 or so at the time bouncing up and down her bed with the covers. Trying to picture that - ha!ha!

Project - flashback friday 7.30 "dream"
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Project - flashback friday 7.30 "dream"
by Maddawg
posted 07/29/10 at 10:09 PM
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this was a challenge to scrap about tradition, ritual, routine. and i so wanted to do this so i can check it off my list. everything pink paisley except unk ribbon and flowers and i should know them but having a DOH moment, buttons- fancy pants and jute.
journaling: When Mammy finally came to live with us in Florida, she stayed with me and the kidlets until mom could get set up. My kids loved having her with us and at the end of the day, we started a tradition. Shane decided that mammy needed to be tucked in at bedtime and that he would be the one to do it. After pulling down her covers, he’d tell mammy she could hop into bed now, and he hopped in right behind her. He made sure her pillows were just so and after she was laying down all nice and relaxed, he’d leap to the end of the bed and pick up just the sheet. He would then hop hop hop the sheet right up to her chin. He then would hop back down - grab the spread and hop it right back up to her chin. A lot of bouncing was involed and he and mammy would just laugh. He’d make sure she was tucked up tight and give her a peck on the cheek and tell her dream.

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