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Project - Flashback Friday 10.8 "Murphy's Law"



Great journaling! Love you page the papers and design are just fantastic!

Lynn, I like your flower pp and the flower accent with it. I'm impressed with the ability to figure out journalling in the half circle. You'll have to pass along how you did it. The story about your family Thanksgiving is really poignant. It the kind of story I was thinking of when I issued this challenge. Establishing new traditions can be a good thing but letting go of the old traditions still gives me a twinge. I hope your family can keep this one going.

Oooo, Lynn, I love this page! It's just awesome with that big flower patterned paper background. Love the photo placement. Great journaling in your wonderful casual style. I think it's so wonderful that your family is still able to gather for Thanksgiving each year. I hope you can keep the tradition going.

i like your use of that large patterned paper. it does not at all seem overwhelming. instead, a nice touch.

Project - Flashback Friday 10.8 "Murphy's Law"
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Project - Flashback Friday 10.8 "Murphy's Law"
by Maddawg
posted 10/11/10 at 09:07 AM
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This challenge was about traditions. I love Bo Bunny and used it for Thanksgiving. Also, noteworthy - which was a challenge getting the journaling on t he half circle. Why? because I'm challenged that way lol! Creative cafe tag, Michaels bling and ribbon and fancy pants ribbon,

journaling: Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is the Holiday that the Murphy family will make no matter what. It started with Art and Eunie (the parents). And has continued on through the years. The tradition is IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE YOU ARE, WHO YOU WITH AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING, YOU WILL MAKE IT HOME FOR THANKSGIVING, AND IF YOU NEED TO BRING ANYONE WITH YOU TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, THEY ARE WELCOME TOO. And so it was.

As the parents aged, the “3 girls” continued the tradition, rotating each year. And everyone brought a dish or three. And as their children and siblings grew older they brought a dish or three as well.

UNTIL 2009 *gasp* I know. A daughter stepped up and had the holiday at HER house.
Amy, Kathy’s daughter opened her house to all and sundry. And it was a blast. Because well, her and her husband have ALL the cool toys and enough room to keep the kidlets occupied. Which totally rocks. She did break tradition by NOT cooking the turkey at her house. Which can be forgiven because a. she really doesn’t cook, and b. did I mention they had all the cool toys to keep the kidlets occupied.

We did try to vote because of the cool toys that they host it every year. They could’ve been outvoted lol!! I’m looking into that.

However, with the advent of 2009 another change was made, in that 2010 Terry will not be celebrating with us, as we lost her early this year. It makes the holidays so different and she is missed. Another change that is happening much to everyone’s dismay, is that divorces are occurring which leaves gaps and the question who is going to step up to continue this tradition. However for right here and now. The Murphy tradition continues and we will be making it as long as we can.

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