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Project - Themed Projects : Finn's Kindergarten Year


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Project - Themed Projects : Finn's Kindergarten Year
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Project - Themed Projects : Finn's Kindergarten Year
by vistagirl
posted 09/01/07
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My son Finn completed his kindergarten year last year. Around once a week he would come home with stickers on his shirt. As a means of validating his good behavior, we began saving his stickers in a little spiral notebook. Everytime he came home with a sticker, he insisted on saving it in his notebook. He was incredibly consistent in saving them and his enthusiasm for earning them never wore off. By the end of the year, he had amassed a good amount of stickers. <p>
This mini album started off as a sticker book, but gradually morphed to include an overview of Finn's entire kindergarten year. I used undo and removed almost all of his stickers for this book. In addition to the stickers, I added journaling and pictures. I am not including quite a few pages because they have photos of his classmates and I dont have their permission to be posted on the internet.<p>

Chipboard/tag album- 7 gypsies<br>
Patterned paper - Basic Grey, Fancy Pants, Imagination Project<br>
Tags and flashcard - 7 gypsies<br>
Cardstock and label stickers - 7 gypsies<br>
Red label sticker (on cover) - Jenni Bowlin Studiosv
Circle reinforces - 7 gypsies<br>
Punch - 7 gypsies<br>
Misc.colored tags - Pink Pinapple Scrapbooks
Apple charm - Making Memories
Rubons - Basic Grey<p>

Page 1- The cover was wallpapered onto the 7 gypsies naked chipboard album with Basic Grey paper, rubons and monograms. I also included an adorable label sticker from Jenni Bowlin Studio. You can buy them on her website. The charm hanging from the spine is from Making Memories. I drilled a small hole through he charm and tied it to the spiral.<p>
Page 2 - The 7 gypsies border punch made it super easy to include things in the journal. I took this tag, added Finn's name with stickers, punched it and put it in the journal. <p>
Page 3 -The backside of the tag was wallpapered with Imagination Project paper and used for journaling. The facing page is Finn on his first day of school. <p>
Page 4 - Two quick pages about Finn's teacher Mrs Fuqua. She was an amazing teacher. <p>
Page 5 - This is where I began including Finn's stickers into the album. I got normal tags from my lss and punched them with the 7 gypsies punch. Once that was done I adhered Finn's stickers to the tags and included them in the album.<p>
Page 6 - I got a flashcard, added rubons and sickers to it, punched it and added it to the album. Picture is of Finn and his friend Jeremy. They used to wear those shirts whenever they went on field trips. Great idea, eh? <p>
Page 7 - 11 - More examples of the tags being included in the album. <p>
Page 12 - I included many full page pictures in this album. Here is an example of two facing each other. <p>
Page 12 - This sticker from the 7 gypsies carstock stickers is on the back of my album. <p>
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