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Project - CG 2009 {I Only Love You in the Winter}



What cute and fun layout!

TOO cute into my BOS!

Totally great LO Val. The pic of the kitty is fabulous.

Uh-oh! We have hunters too. It makes me shudder to think of the various massacres I have had to deal with so I get where you are coming from here. I love the birdy paper you used, works great with the theme.

Val this is really cute, the Lime Rickey birds paper is perfect for this one. That is really one beautiful kitty.

Very cute

Project - CG 2009 {I Only Love You in the Winter}
About this project

Project - CG 2009 {I Only Love You in the Winter}
by Valerie!
posted 07/01/09 at 04:22 PM
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1st time I used the BG Lime Rickey and I love it! I know it sounds cruel to say I only love Kitty in the winter but, uh yea, I get tired of the constant masacres going on around my house so I thought I'd scrap about it. (We really do love him year ‘round). Font is Arabic Typesetting. Journaling reads: “I only love you when it’s so cold outside all you want to do is cuddle and sleep on my lap. I only love you when you aren't bringing me birds, bunnies, chipmunks and other little creatures you're proud of leaving on my front doorstep. I only love you when you want to stay inside!” Thanks for looking.
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