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Project - Project Life March 2012



this is a great book! you did a fine job of recording these special moments. sorry that shepard's pie was a disappointment. at least it looks delicious. :)

What a great photo book!

Wow you are doing a great job with this! I do not think I would stick to it. Maybe doing it by the month would be a good way. Love all the photos, colors and how you laid this out!

Wow, Val, this is fabulous. You make me want to do a PL. I just know myself well enough to know I'd make it to about March! These are awesome and they really show a snapshot of everyday life. Do you realize how important they will be in 20 or so years? 100 years? Wow! I am impressed with your tenacity. Keep up the good work.

These pages are absolutely awesome, Val! You will be so happy that you have documented all of this in years to come!

Project - Project Life March 2012
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Project - Project Life March 2012
by Valerie!
posted 04/14/12 at 08:26 PM
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March was an exciting month around here. Logan's 6th birthday party was at a sports center. Video games and putt-putt were the highlights.
Wendy and I took Emmy IHop one morning for breakfast and do you think I could talk her into some chocolate chip pancakes or stuffed French toast? Nope. All she wanted was Mac-N-Cheese and broccoli. She even told the server as we were leaving “I'd eat ALL that Mac-N-Cheese you got back there”!
Paul's always wanted to go to Phoenix, AZ for a vacation and a business trip provided us with a few days of sight seeing. Just as I expected, lots of rocks, sun and dirt LoL. I noticed gas for over $4 gallon for the 1st time.

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