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Project - Mail Pouch Barns

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What an awesome story. I love barns myself. :)

wow! that is a fun piece of history. the story is wonderful. i also love the "barn" font you did and the lovely pics. awesome work!!!

Oh, Val, this gives me a lump in my throat. Such a beautiful old barn and what a great job you did in remembering it. I love the history you included.
My mom was drawn to old barns and I never see a barn or photo of one without remembering her. I'm glad you are preserving them in your scrapbook. I want to see more! Bookmarked!

Wow, I am in love with your photos. You know these beauties are disappearing so great way to preserve a memory! Love love love this!!!! Oh and the rest of the lo is fab also!!

Project - Mail Pouch Barns
About this project

Project - Mail Pouch Barns
by Valerie!
posted 08/29/12 at 02:59 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I used a sketch from SketchSavvy.blogspot. Font is Handprinting (no I didn't hand print, that's the name of the font LOL). Journaling reads:
My love for the old Mail Pouch Barns started many, many years ago. Every time we took a trip through Ohio, Pennsylvania or east towards Virginia, we would see a number of these barns with the insignia painted on them. These were the roadside advertisements in the 1900-1940's. The farmers would get paid $1-$2 a year but more importantly to them, the barns would get freshly painted to preserve the wood. Many of the barns were repainted every few years. In 1965, the Highway Beautification Act put restrictions on roadside advertising but the Mail Pouch Barns were exempt since they had been deemed historic. So, recently I decided from now on I would actually pull over and get out of the car and take pictures of these gorgeous pieces of history.
Thanks for looking :)
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