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Project - My Scrap Space



Wow, what a gorgeous scraproom! Your cabinets are simply awesome. TFS!

This is amazing! I love the CREATE on the cabinet doors, so awesome!

Umm...can I move in? If I had a place like this, no one would ever see me again! You've done a fantastic job of creating a place to create...I love it!

W O W!! Your room is AMAZING!!


Amazing...truly inspiring down to the wall color!!!!

This is the most beautiful and amazing scrap-room that I ever see..Unbelievable! Love the glass door and the word create... Awesome!
Congratulations and enjoy your gorgeous and stunning place. Have fun and thank you for sharing your pictures with us. :)

Project - My Scrap Space
About this project

Project - My Scrap Space
by llmancini
posted 09/25/10 at 01:44 AM
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Well after many months I have finally got around to photographing my space. Above you will find some photo's but for more details on my storage and where all of my supplies are placed please visit my blog here:

My Scraproom Tour []

My room was destroyed on July 27th 2009 from a flash flood we had with a storm. We own a custom cabinet store in Ontario Canada and so I finally got my dream room built.

The focal point is the one main wall which you look at when you walk into the room. I had custom etched glass made with the work CREATE put in the glass doors. I love how it hides just enough of what is behind the doors and yet it still gives it an open feeling. You can see a close up of the glass in the second photo.

The anchor peice to this wall is my floor to ceiling unit which I had customized to hold my library of memories system. I love my category drawers and this really was the starting point for the entire design. In the bottom of this unit I hold extra albums and my seasonal stamps along with misc storage of paper, page protectors, etc.

The opposite wall to this is my “office” area which is home to my computer - which I practically live on LOL! Running the entire length of the one wall is a countertop (granite) which is long enough to sit 2 - 3 girls at for cropping. I decided to put no lowers under here so I can have room to crop and spread out my work.

Other photo's are some storage and my “pretty” stuff in my room. There isn't much since I like it uncluttered but what is out is nice and colourfull. My Copic collection is housed in a cute little bowl that I picked up at a garden center - there is a matching vase over beside my computer with my pens in it too!! Love the bling on this. I decided to leave my stickles/pearls and shimmrz out because I use them so much and I love this little rack that I picked up at my LSS last year. At the other end of my counter is my ribbon collection, buttons and my loose flowers that aren't in packages (which are in my drawers) I love my little jelli bean jar there and it gets used more than anything is this room LOL!!

Some close up shots as well of the hardware I picked - wanted to bring a feminine feel to the room (and make it less “kitcheny” so I used crystal knobs and handles to add sparkle.

The bottom pull out drawers hold all of my embellishments - divided by type - you can see my one drawer of flowers and bling - if you want to see the rest you can visit my blog as well where again it is explained and shown in detail.

All upper cabinets hold baskets that are labelled and hold misc items. Sprays, Inks, embossing folders, punches, card supplies, etc - again they are all explained in more detail on my blog post….

I am so lucky to finally have the room of my dreams…I love. love. creating in my space and spend every spare second I have in here.

Thanks so much for letting me share and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

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