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Project - My Dream Studio



I searched online for the cube with the side cutouts for the grid shelves but couldn't find it. Could you shed some light on this?
Thanks, Diana

Absolutely LOVE the paper storage idea! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/drool.gif'>

OMG...this is the paper storage thing that I was looking for...I searched the gallery one day all day long trying to find is awesome! too bad I decided to get those vertical paper holders since I couldn't find the I so regret it cause this still looks so much more better!

That has to be the most gorgeous scrap space I've ever seen - and you have a view!!!!!!!! I'm greener than green with envy.

Beautifu. Does your DH do custom work for others?


wow. Could you tell me tho. about how big is the room. Sq footage?? thanks.

Project - My Dream Studio
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Project - My Dream Studio
by TechGoddess
posted 01/12/05 at 12:42 PM
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Welcome to my dream studio. I designed this room around the kitchen work triangle concept, and I love it! I never want to leave! My DH built all the cabinetry. Details of each pic follow:

1. Entering the room you will see the computer station.

2. Plenty of room for guests and can also be used as my sewing station. Sewing machine is stored in lower corner cabinet.

3. Main work area where I keep my most often used tools and embellishments.

4. The cropping station. I keep all of my paper and cutting tools in this area.

5. Paper cabinet made using Target cube grids.

6. Corner view of the room so you can start to see the work triange from the chair to the stool and back to the computer.

7. My mess making station. I keep all my stamps, inks, paints and other messy things here. I cover the desk with a giant roll of kraft paper so after it gets really messy I can just rip it off and start over with a clean sheet.

8. Rubbermaid spice racks pull down for easy access.

9. Stamp pad and marker caddy my DH built from scraps.

10. Closet view. The left hand closet is one of those under the stairs ones where I keep my totes, more iris carts and other bulky items. The right side closet holds my printers, office supplies and memorabilia boxes.

Thanks for taking the tour!

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