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Project - SOF12 Shrink Plastic SOF12 Challenge:Past&Pres

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Excellent! You not only did great with past/present, but the shrunk version of the mouse stamp is cool--would be a great charm to hang. Thanx for playing, Flexie!

Tank you all!

Great job!

Hi there! Wonderful card with the adorable House Mouse! I like the graphic patterned paper and the looped fibers. And I think it is wonderful that you had so much fun with the shrink plastic that you made a whole PILE of goodies! Thanks so much for participating in my SOF12 Shrink Plastic Challenge! ♥

Wow, fantastic work! They all look great! The mouse does look great on the card, too. I also like the thready bits on the card.

Your Shrinky Dink House Mouse makes a great embellishment. Pretty card. TFS. Daria


Project - SOF12 Shrink Plastic SOF12 Challenge:Past&Pres
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Project - SOF12 Shrink Plastic SOF12 Challenge:Past&Pres
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posted 10/21/12 at 12:49 PM
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I used the shrinky dinky to make the H of M little.

Link back to orginal stamps use. []

I really got into making the SD's so I made a few other things out of it as well as the rings. And yes you can use a shaped punch and it turns out rather cute. Using the punch on a ring does make the ring a little bit more fragile because, it then gives it a weak point at which it could snap.

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