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Project - It's Gonna be a Bumpy Ride

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Great layout!

love this! I like how you journaled over the paint!

Project - It's Gonna be a Bumpy Ride
About this project

Project - It's Gonna be a Bumpy Ride
by rebecca h
posted 02/29/12 at 06:53 AM
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“to take advantage of a warm fall day, we went on a family bike ride. we rode on the bike path to forest park, where the kids played for bit. when it was time to head home, i said i knew a shortcut across the tracks, BUT when we got to said shortcut, it had been gated off and padlocked. not a shortcut anymore. rather than going back through the park, we opted for riding DOWN the tracks. uggh! not our best decision ever. it was SOOOO bumpy and more than a little difficult. lucas got a rhythm and took off, and sebastian was close behind. but meagan and isaac were back with me, struggling to get going. isaac was quite mad about it actually, but all i could do was LAUGH histerically. it was such a funny, unexpected moment.”

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