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Project - Mind Racing

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LOL I thought you were talking about me!! :) awesome page! love the light bulb!

Project - Mind Racing
About this project

Project - Mind Racing
by Mary Jo R
posted 11/01/12 at 06:54 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Created as a design team layout using the November Mindfullness kit by Scrapbooking From the Inside Out :)

To get a plain light bulb, I just gently scraped the word off with a fingernail.

Not quite sure why, but I do know that these days my mind is continually racing. Whatever I am doing, I feel as if I am continually thinking into the future about what needs to be done. What can I cross off my to do list? I am afraid I will forget to do something important. And it's driving me crazy!

Back in the days before kids, I would go for long walks for exercise in our neighborhood after work. Just relaxed and focused on the walk. But these days, that isn't the case. Listening to music on my ipod does help a bit, but I still find myself wanting to hurry up my workout so I can get on to the next thing.

I feel fragmented. Like I need to be in a million places at once. I am trying to multi task and do too many things at the same time. And not doing any of them well!

There is the closet in Erin's room that has needed cleaning out and organizing for a year now. I want to go through each room of the house and figure out what we should get rid of and what we should keep. The house continually needs cleaning and upkeep. School for the kids involves overseeing homework, paperwork, checks to be written and more! There is so much to do and it seems less time to do it.

I just want to slow down a bit and not wish the days or time away. I want our family to be able to relax and enjoy time together. And I want to be focused in the present more than I am.

There has to be a way to slow this down and not always feel like I am racing towards a finish line!
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