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Project - Yoga

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I really like this design, thanks for sharing.

I really like this! The whole page really works together, nothing is too overpowering.

Project - Yoga
About this project

Project - Yoga
by Mary Jo R
posted 11/06/12 at 06:39 AM
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created as a design team layout using the November Mindfullness kit by Scrapbooking From the Inside Out :)

I began doing yoga in 1998 as a way to help me relax and deal with stress after being in a really bad car accident. I was having panic attacks and just feeling sick to my stomach all of the time. A friend of mine recommended yoga to help me learn to breathe, so I bought a beginning yoga video to get me started. And my friend was right! Whenever I did yoga, I found myself feeling calmer and more relaxed.
Fast forward several years when my kids were born. Yoga wasn't quite as relaxing for me. I would try and go through a routine, but the constant interruptions threw me off! And whenever I tried to get up before the kids to fit in a workout, they would decide to wake up early, too.
Last fall though, I had a wonderful yoga experience. When Mike and I traveled up to Muskogee Canada for our anniversary trip, the resort offered a free yoga and pilates class. Only a few students showed up, so it was the perfect class size. The teacher was fabulous and very laid back. Once again I found the calmness and peace I knew yoga could provide.
Now that both kids are in school full time, I am able to fit a little of my quiet yoga time in after they leave. Some time to relax and just breathe.
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