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Project - Revitalized Photos

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thanks, i know that the pics are not great, well not even very good, but i can scrap them at a small size and you won't be able to tell to much.

below is a link to the post which contains the screen layer tip from sara. i wrote a couple of actions for this in CS2 if you are interested pmail me and i will send them to you, or the step by step instructions, either one.

can't find the post with the mention about the gradient layer, but again i can send you step-by-step instructions. if any one knows who posted this please let me know so i can give them proper credit.

<a target='_blank' href=';thread_id=2496113#21673527'>sara's screen layers tip</a>

Great fix could you direct me to the post with the instructions????

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Project - Revitalized Photos
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Project - Revitalized Photos
by iluv2scrap
posted 02/22/08 at 03:25 PM
Galleries: Photography

well, most of us have photos that are unusable and i seem to notice a lot more of mine since i started participating here. but thanks to the screen layer tip from sara, and another tip about gradient layers, i have been able to rescue some of those pics and make them usable again. still not great pics, but at least i can scrap them now. you guys are awesome, hope to be so good some day. TFL

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