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15  Comments - Bridal Shower

I like how you worked the two pages together. Those tags are wonderful.

Very pretty colors.
And sweet photos :)

what a beautiful double those tags on the photos like that.

Those are great photos and I love the tags you used for journaling. Great pages. I love the title with the birds holding the string. Very cute.

Love how clean those cuts look!

great job using all your tools for this layout!

Wow, what a difference a new blade makes - don't know how you cut that delicate title!

Nice layout! I really like that shade of lavender you used, especially with the yellow accents. The tags are a great idea for journaling!

So cute! Great use of the little tags.

Very nice really like all the photos on this one.

like the little tags on the photos to id each one.


like the little tags on the photos to id each one.


Love the colors! Great job using multiple photos!

with all the babies it looks like it could have been a baby shower...LOL very sweet

Very pretty. Love the little tags you added.

{* title *}
{* icon *}
{* body *}
{* footer *}