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Project - Getting Real & Getting Fit! - Weight Loss Journal



what a great idea! love the book to!

This is lovely!! Great idea!

First let me congratulate you for setting your goals and working toward them. Your journal is wonderful. The colors and design of each page is great and I'm sure it will help you along your way. You can do it!


This is wonderful. I love the pocket page for your goals. I really like how brightly you are doing your LOs. Gives a feeling of energy, hope and excitement.

You've done a beautiful job on this journal. Good luck with this "challenge"!

Wonderful journal!! I *NEED* to do this as well. Best of luck on your weight loss journey!!

Project - Getting Real & Getting Fit! - Weight Loss Journal
About this project

Project - Getting Real & Getting Fit! - Weight Loss Journal
by Nicole2112
posted 05/11/06 at 10:49 PM
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Here is the start of what will be a very motivating weight loss journal. I've enjoyed making it so far and it has served me well to remind me of why I'm doing this.
<b>Page 1 - Title page.</b> “Getting Real & Getting Fit!”<br><br>

<b>Page 2 & 3 - My Statistics (Challenge Week #1).</b> In the hidden journaling it tells my weight and my measurements when I began this challenge on April 22, 2006.<br><br>

<b>Page 4 & 5 - My Goals (Challenge Week #2).</b> In the hidden journaling I tell of my goals. They are as follows: <br>1) To feel better about my body.<br> 2) To be healthy and make healthier decisions (even when I'm alone). <br>3) To be able to walk up 3 flights of stairs without being winded. <br>4) To walk (or run?) a 10 minute mile. <br>5) To enter a marathon and finish <br>6) To learn to kayak <br>7) Take an adventurous vakay (white water rafting? Rapelling in Costa Rica?) <br>8) To be a good example for my daughter and to teach her good habits. <br>9) To weight ~ 130 lbs. To wear a size 10 or 12. <br>10) For my family to be proud of me and for me to be proud of myself.

<br><br><b>Page 6 & 7 - Why and Why Now? (Challenge Week 3). </b>Wow, this topic really made me think. My computer-generated journaling reads:<br><br>
“Why and Why now? It's a good question. I think the answer is that I just got fed up with looking the way I do. I want to look good in clothes, I want to be able to look at myself naked without thinking that I need to change parts of my body. I have pretty good self-esteem overall which is surprising. But I do know that I am not in good physical condition and I am a good candidate to either die of a heart attack like my father or have heart issues like my mother. I don't want to follow in the same footsepts.
I want to be proud of myself when I catch my relfection in the mirror. Not have to adjust my shirt or change the way my body is positioned in order to think I look okay. I want my husband to want to show me off. To be proud of the way his wife looks. I want to be proud of the way I look too!
The tags on the second page read:
1) To change something that I have 100% control of.<br>
2) To Feel Good!<br>
3) To Look Good!<br>
Handwritten journaling: It's time to change my life. It's time to feel good about myself. It's time to put the self-consciousness aside and eal with the situation at hand. It's time to get real & get fit!!!
<b>Page 8 & 9 - What Motivates Me? (Challenge Week 4).</b> Easy topic. This one came right to me. There are a few things that motivate me. The journaling reads:
* Motivation Speeches from Alexis<br>
* Achieving a Personal Exercise/fitness Goal<br>
* ”Atta Girls" from my family<br>
* To have Alexis be proud of me<br>
* Wanting my husband to think I'm beautiful AND sexy<br>
* Thick belts with tucked in shirts<br>
* Beautiful Clothes<br>

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