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Project - Getting Real & Getting Fit Weight Loss Journal Part II



Wow! I need to borrow some of your motivation! Congrats on your lifestyle change! Jan


Wow---Congratulations on a lifestyle change. I think it is really hard when you are addicted to something to change. So glad you are documenting this important step for the future.

I love this idea! May I borrow it?

I really like the white journaling on the blue and the yellow flower!

very nice... Keep it up... this is a great idea to scrap... it will be fun to look back on one day.

Keep at it!

Having recently lost over 100 lbs myself, I know at times ya just wanna give up!

Good luck!

Way to go on your life style change. It is hard work and you are doing so well. I like the design of these pages. Away To Go!!!!!

Project - Getting Real & Getting Fit Weight Loss Journal Part II
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Project - Getting Real & Getting Fit Weight Loss Journal Part II
by Nicole2112
posted 07/04/06 at 02:39 AM
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These pages are for the Weight Loss Journal Challenge.
The album begins here: <a href=" []“ target=”_blank“>here</a>.
<b>Page 10 & 11 - A Day In The Life… (Challenge Week 5).</b> This topic was a lot of fun. There is so much that has changed since my lifestyle has changed. I enjoyed documenting one day in my life.
<b>6:20</b> The alarm goes off and I very grumpily start my day<br>
<b>7:30</b> Arrive at work. Fill up my 2.2 liter jug with filtered water. Eat a banana and begin guzzling H2O.<br>
<b>9</b> Eat breakfast! Normally consists of an English Muffin and P.B!<br>
<b>12:30</b> Lunch time. Turky & Swiss w/ a salad is my staple lunch.<br>
<b>2</b> Replinish water jug. The more you drink the more you need!<br>
<b>3</b> Make 100th trip to the restroom<br>
<b>4</b> Get the hell out of Dodge! Home James!<br>
<b>5:30</b> Start exercise DVD. They range from Yoga to aeribocs to strength training. I like to mix those up. I have acquired quite a library already.<br>
<b>6:30</b> Start dinner. We have certainly started eating healthier! Im proud of that accomplishment.<br>
<b>9</b> Get on treadmill and walk for at least 2 miles<br>
<b>10:30</b> Plan menu for the next day. Get bag ready.<br>
<b>11:30/12</b> Get to bed and rest up for the next day. Feel proud for working out!<br><br>
Under the patterned paper strip it reads: ”Before: Prior to making this lifestyle change I was eating fast food twice a day (breakfast and lunch) at least. It wasn't for convenience it was an addiction. I still want the foods but I fight it every day. It's walking so far. Yeah!

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