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Project - Teen Life (Rusty Pickle)

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I'm working on my first 6 x 6 album and I have to say, yours is just the best! I have a soon to be 13 yr.old grandson who also hates his picture taken, so your album really caught my attention. Nice job. I hope mine turns out ok, really challenging. My album is pictures of my cakes and cookies that I make.

Again- great job.

This is so amazing!
(And even more amazing is how old K looks....oh, my!)

Net, this is great! Your work is always so inspiring!

Another great album!
My ds is the same way but it is getting better.

WOW! Simply stunning! I love the b/w with color. I especially love the AE page. Great album!


THis is great. I have the same problem with my 14 year old.

Project - Teen Life (Rusty Pickle)
About this project

Project - Teen Life (Rusty Pickle)
by net
posted 07/19/06 at 01:17 AM
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I can't seem to get a decent picture of my 15 year-old. He simply does not want his photo taken right now. If I'm lucky, he will allow a shot or two when I bribe him. As a result, his albums are hurting for new stuff. I made this little mini-album to record the beginning of his life as a teenager. The album is a Rusty Pickle pocketed 6“ x 6”. I have tucked mini 5“ x 5” layouts into the pockets. All papers and chipboard/corrugated letters are Rusty Pickle. TFL!

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