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Project - My crafty heaven

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Very nice!

Oh, you have some wonderful pieces in there! Love the desk, chair, dresser, and map drawers. Looks like you're organized and ready to work. Maria

Nice space!

Looks pretty cozy to me. Congrats on the re-do.

Project - My crafty heaven
About this project

Project - My crafty heaven
by TripletMom
posted 01/07/12 at 10:55 PM
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I finally finished my basement craft space after a major downsize and shuffle. I was able to carve out more space for myself than originally planned.
Picture One: Desk to the left with shelving above. My homemade clip it up sits on my desk. Lighting is terrible, so I have three lights. The desk is an antique, is huge and holds a TON of stuff. Behind my desk is a cabinet that holds all of my acrylic stamps and other scrappy stuff. Next to the cabinet is a dresser that holds more scrappy stuff, along with some shipping supplies, craft items, memorabilia, office supplies, etc. The four totes by the fireplace are filled with pictures from my childhood and before that need to be scanned and then put into albums. It's taking me forever!
Picture Two: Close-up of the dresser and cabinet. Bread box holds buttons, with more buttons on the two tiered lazy susan next to it. This is about half of my buttons. I LOVE buttons. On the dresser sits my small sewing machine and Cameo. There is open space next to the Cameo for my laptop to sit when I'm cutting from the Cameo. Behind the dresser and cabinet is one of my daughters room, the reason for the room shuffle and downsize.
Picture Three: Since we aren't going to use the fireplace, it became the perfect place for more craft stuff! Two paper holders on each side of my ribbon and stamp storage. The map drawers hold my wood mounted stamps, and on top is most of my ribbon collection along with my spiral binder.
Picture four: Another view of the desk showing the shelves, and two drawer units for more scrappy/crafty storage. TV sits on top and can be viewed from my desk and daughters room. MS score-board and trimmers sit next to the TV.
That's my space! It's not glamorous but I LOVE it. So glad I downsized, because I purged stuff I didn't need/use and organized everything else. Thanks for looking!

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