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Project - My Library of Memories - Album Title Pages, Divider Pages

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WOW! This is great! I love how you did the different sections!

wow, way to go!!! Looks great, colors are fab and you are totally organized!

Bonnie - These are great ! I love the way you describe step-by-step how you made your pages. This is exactly what a beginer like me needs. I have a bad habit of changing my mind (because I always think I'm not doing it right or it doesn't look good) over and over again. Which, btw is the reason why I have no LO's made. LOL. Right now my plan is to clear my scrap area and pull My AC modern albums out,the matching cardstock, ribbon, and rings and maybe start a mateirals file fo each album. Then go find some quotes to go with Us,People, Places and Things. I also plan on using your catagory list that you posted on the LOM message board and make a rough draft of my own catagories. I think these 2 steps will really help me move on for right now. I believe the next lesson (if I remember correctly form last yr) is the sticky notes part where you choose your most comon and least common LO. Seeing I do not have any lo yet I can spend some time working on my material file. Which will probalby take forever inmy case.
Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation boost

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What a great job. You seem to be very organized. Did you go to Archivers? I met you there a few weeks ago. I'm going back this Sat. March 15. Hope to see you there.

Sylvia in Mn

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Project - My Library of Memories - Album Title Pages, Divider Pages
About this project

Project - My Library of Memories - Album Title Pages, Divider Pages
by bonitarose
posted 03/09/08 at 01:15 PM
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and more!!!! I was at a crop last night, and got all these pages done, all cohesive, all matching they look great in my pink blush Modern Albums - next thing to do.. organize all my layouts!

Here are the details,
I did it!
I completed all my Title Pages and Divider Pages/Tabs for my Library Albums! So happy! All 12 Title Pages and 24 Divider pages - whew! Let me know what you think - here is the process, from start to finish:

My work station - ready to create! I brought the ribbon colors I wanted to use, so I could match up the 3 colors to colored cardstock. My plan? Use these 3 colored blocks on all the title/divider pages to bring cohesiveness to my Albums.

I cut my 3 colors of cardstock into same size blocks to use one of each color block per page - that's 3 colored blocks x 36 pages total plus the 12 dedication pages - a total of 144 colored blocks! (Note-I will use these 3 colors of cardstock for future colored blocks and divider tags as my Library grows, and as I'll need more Albums, and hence, more title/dedication pages!)

I used subtle cardstock-weight patterned papers for the base page for all my Title Pages and Divider Pages in soft shades of pink. I adhered all 3 colored blocks to a white cardstock mat - size 4 1/4 x 11 and adhered to the bottom of each page. I printed up each title on my computer in advance and brought these with me last night - to adhere across the colored blocks. I used a small metal-rimmed tag sticker with a ‘one’ stamped in the middle to show that it's Volume 1. (I figure if the amount of layouts within this Album grows too large for one Album, it will be easy to duplicate the same Title Page with a quick ‘two’ tag sticker for the 2nd Album). I used a dark pink Heidi Swapp flower for all the Title Pages, and adhered to the middle of the page. (No worries, I have plenty of these to make more Title Pages, as my LOM grows!) I repeated the Page Title on a round-punched circle in the middle of each flower. The top half of each Title Page is blank for now. I may add a few white-bordered pics to go with that page's theme, not sure yet.

You will note I made my Divider Pages Tabs quite easily using a 3x12 strip of pink Bazzil cardstock. Using a circle punch I punched a circle that would fit perfectly over the metal-rimmed tag sticker - added a hole - then titled each tag as each Divider Page and slipped these vertically behind the Divider page. It works perfectly! For each Dedication Page I used a solid colored coordinating piece of Bazzil cardstock, and added the same 3 colored blocks, this time to the top of the 12x12 page. I adhered my pre-printed ‘Dedication’ word strip across the blocks and finished off with a dark pink flower for some added punch. I punched a pink circle to use for the flower center and used the stamp, ‘look inside’ . Later, to the bottom of these Dedication pages, I will add some journaling and one photo. For each Divider Page, it's set up the same way as my Album Title Pages, except I chose a lighter pink Heidi Swapp flower. Two words: consistency and cohesiveness! Love the look!

Here are other pictures of my hard work last night.

I am so happy with the results!

I also numbered 1-6 using my stamps on 6 more smaller metal tag stickers, to number the bottom of the spines of my Storage Binders (One binder each for 2003 & earlier, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008). They look great!

And here are my metal-rimmed tag stickers I have adhered to the spines of my pink blush American Crafts Albums. This morning, I added some ribbon and adhered these! It's all coming together and looking great!

I put all my Title/Divider pages into my 12 Albums this morning - it all looks great!
My goal for next week: work at sorting my finished layouts into piles and putting all in page protectors into the appropriate Albums. That will be a big job, but I'm ready!

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