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Project - my wish

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Project - my wish
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Project - my wish
by fruitysuet
posted 09/24/12 at 05:56 AM
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My Life My Rhythm by NiniGoesDigi
Font - Typist
For the double page layout challenge for September at ZigZagScrap

I joined a batch of the squiggles together to echo the pattern of DD's brainwaves on the EEG (and, no, it doesn't look like that for most people!).

journaling reads:

I knew High School was going to be hard for you and, on week three, you are still struggling with so many of the changes. Getting up early, walking to and from the bus stop (especially walking home at the end of a busy day), a much harder level of work requiring lots more concentration and writing, moving from one classroom to the next and making new friends. Oh, and the homework! A big shock to us both. What I imagine would take some-
one else twenty minutes can take us an hour and a half to get through.
You’ve been tired and sleepy in school (we are working on getting you to bed earlier, but the new medication regime may be making this worse). You are crying about different things at home; getting lost and being late to class, your brain finding it all too hard, missing your old teachers and not getting any hugs or cuddles to help get you through the day.
I just got off the phone from one of the support teachers and already they can see that you are struggling in class. You get twenty hours 1:1 support so this means some classes you have to ‘go it alone’.
Art is one of these and the Art teacher had noted how you struggled with even basic tasks such as tracing and copying from the board.
We’d tried to explain all of this before you moved up but I suppose until they saw it for themselves, they couldn’t realise just how hard even such basic learning skills are for you.
Already they want to withdraw you from one of your subjects to give you some ‘breathing space’ during your timetable. We’ll have to talk about which one as I want to make sure that you get to stay in the classes that you find more enjoyable and give you some respite from the hardship of the academic subjects.
You had been so excited about the move to High School (although nervous too, as everyone is). I am heartbroken that the majority of my fears are coming true.
But this is just the start. Things are just going to get tougher and tougher for you in terms of learning at school and moving on through life in terms of being able to find a job, learn to drive and live on your own. We’ve no way of knowing whether you will ever be able to do any of those things. As you get older I am hoping that we can pay more attention to lifelong living skills and vocational courses in order to help you towards personal independence and a happy and fulfilling life.
If I’m honest though, I just wish that you had none of these problems to face.

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