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Project - De la ville à la campagne **Heritage challenge**

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Oh, how lucky to live in the country as a kid! This is beautiful, Chantale! What awesome photos. Love the big yellow circle and the little houses and especially your wonderful story!

Great LO Jacinthe!
I love the patterned papers you used together,
I love the variety of it, the differents patterned and textures and the colors of it.
Also, the yellow sun where you put your title is really NEAT!
finally, what an important story to remember,
it is such a big change in a life...!

Just beautiful! I love your journaling and the photos are precious

Very cool! The photos are great, the papers are pretty, and I love the design. Your journaling spot is really pretty and I enjoyed reading it too. Thanks for the translation!

Jacynthe - I love this! Love the pps - and that yellow circle is such a nice touch. Cute photos and the 'story' of your move is what scrapping is all about - our memories...


I love the arrangement here - lots of little details like the little pieces on the top right and the little houses. I like the dark background with the yellow - like Sharon said, gives feeling of a sunny day. Also love the use of the square photos. Most of mine are this shape too.

Project - De la ville à la campagne **Heritage challenge**
About this project

Project - De la ville à la campagne **Heritage challenge**
by jloubier
posted 01/26/10 at 11:13 AM
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FROM THE CITY TO THE COUNTRY<br><br>Photos of me and my siblings in the 60s. I'm the one in the middle on both photos.<br><br>Translated journaling reads:<br>In the summer of 1967, we moved from Ville LaSalle, on the outskirts of Montreal, to go live with my grand-parents in Blanchard Settlement. In Ville LaSalle we lived in an apartment building, in Blanchard Settlement we had 4 neighbours and a poultry farm. Instead of playing in a small yard, there were open fields and an old barn to explore. Instead of walking to school, we had to take the bus. There were no stores, not even a convenience store. We had to drive the 8km (5 mi) to Caraquet to do our shopping. And going to the big city of Bathurst was a special treat. What a difference going from the city to the country!<br><br>When I mention the “big city of Bathurst” in my journaling, it is very much tongue and cheek. The population of Bathust, where we eventually settled for good in 1969, was less than 10,000. I'm sure you can imagine though, that it was still a MAJOR city compared to where we lived for 2 years. As they say, everything is relative.<br><br>Supplies include: Fancy Pants background paper. All other papers, K&Co. BG fancy brad. Stickles. MM journaling tag. Misc letter stamps. <br><br>TFL.

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