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Project - À l'affiche **HMITM # 152 **



Wow, this is wonderful Jacynthe! Such great memories to document, loved reading your journaling. Very sweet photo! And I love your colour combo, design and those pretty flowers. You did a great job with the HMITM challenge!!

Cool LO, and great job, that HMITM challenge looks a little more exacting than most of them! I especially like this LO because it reminds me of my DH and his love for his neighborhood theater growing up, which was to be restored but now may be torn down. I've done one LO about it, but you may have inspired another, your'e bookmarked!

i'm so glad that you accepted the challenge! what a beautiful layout and memory you have created and documented!

Fantastic job with the challenge, Jacynthe! And what a wonderful memory to scrap! So cool that you have that picture of the theater. Loved reading your journaling, and all the accents are beautiful--and how perfect is the butterfly!

Love the design and all the details. Great job - tfs!

Wow - awesome job on the challnge and a great looking layout. Great detaisl on it and colors- thanks for doing the challnge .

Project - À l'affiche **HMITM # 152 **
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Project - À l'affiche **HMITM # 152 **
by jloubier
posted 10/30/10 at 09:44 AM
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This week's HMITM challenge was the following:
* I have 3 dogs = 3 photos
* Bella is 5 human years - 5 rub-ons or stamps
* Thor is 11 human years - 11 elements (anything goes as long as it's not paper)
* Spirit is 10 months old - a total of 10 letters for the title, any number of words is fine.
* Since 1 human year is equal to 7 dog years, that means combined, the * 3 dogs are 118 dog years old. - #'s of words in journaling, this can include the title.

Except for my French title with only 9 letters (the English translation has 10 ), I managed everything else. My French journaling has exactly 118 words. Here's the English translation:

One of the things I remember about growing up in Bathurst was the hours I spent at the old Kent Theater on Main Street. Saturdays, my brother and I would walk from Queen Street to go see the Disney classics as well as Jerry Lewis movies, for only .50¢ each. During the 70s, I would see a movie pratically every week, often by myself. During those 2 or more hours, I would let myself by swept by the story and the characters. I remember that I had loved the movie “Papillon” with Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman so much, that I had rushed to read the book. The old Kent Theater closed its doors in the 80s. I still have fond memories of it.

Layout details: 3 photos -> I found an old picture of the Kent theater as it was back in the 60s.

5 stamps -> script on the plain pink flower petals, centers of mini-flowers, leaf, butterfly, and No. on tag.

11 elements -> 1 ticket, 1 lg flower, 2 sm flowers, 3 brads, 1 “admit one” label, 1 tag, 1 pc of twine, 1 book page clipping of the # 29 (on tag).

Thank you for looking and for your comments.

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