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Project - Completed Album - Perfect Collection Class

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You did such a great job with this many beautiful pages!

I'm so glad that someone brought this thread to the 1st page - your b'day l/o's are wonderful. I love, love that lime green that ties it all together. And what a cake! I need to check out this class. Thanks for posting your l/o's. Maria

This turned out so great! I kind of like your layouts better :) Now I am inspired!

AMAZING... You rocked it out. Happy 40th. perfect papers for your party..FUN FUN FUN

Happy 40th! Sketchbook is perfect for your album and fun to see how you used it in new ways than Shimelle did. Thanks for sharing!

Wow! They came out great!

Project - Completed Album - Perfect Collection Class
About this project

Project - Completed Album - Perfect Collection Class
by sarahsjb
posted 07/20/12 at 11:07 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This is my completed 20 page album from my Perfect Collection class by Shimelle! As you can see, I used some of the same ideas from this paper that Shimelle did, but I also did a lot of my own thing as well, I love how it turned out!
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