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Project - Book of Love *Cocoa Daisy*



This book is great! Love all the little details of the kids' drawings, etc. This is the perfect format. I'm inspired to make one just as adorable with my own kids' things. Thanks for sharing! Love it!

Yes, you are so, so talented!

Love the flower on the front.

fantastic mini! you're so right about preserving our &quot;pack rat&quot; tendencies. TFS

I love this so much!

Amazing album! I love all the details. TFS<img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

This book looks just fantastic and what a great idea. Wonderful work in it and very creative touches.

Project - Book of Love *Cocoa Daisy*
About this project

Project - Book of Love *Cocoa Daisy*
by Christine Drumheller
posted 01/02/10 at 07:54 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

We have many mini albums filled with photos of people we love, but what about all the other little bits and pieces of our lives? The special notes, drawings, quotes and tags we collect. Shouldn't we have an album to store those as well? This month's project kit is all about those little bits of ephemera that we all have but don't know what to do with. Look around your house and you will find them on your refrigerator, in your junk drawer and on your bulletin boards. The album is titled “Book of Love” and that is what it is, an album full of little things that you love–your child's drawings, a special card from your spouse, a favorite photo or even a clothing tag that caught your eye. I am so excited to include this album with the others I have created, it reminds me of the scrapbooks I made when I was in high school and I think that having a record of all the “stuff” we collect will be fun to look back at someday. TFL!!

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