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Project - New Product Focus :Narratives Negative Strip: Spring Trip


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Project - New Product Focus :Narratives Negative Strip: Spring Trip
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Project - New Product Focus :Narratives Negative Strip: Spring Trip
by kellicrowe
posted 07/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>&nbsp;<u><strong>Items Used:</strong></u></p>
<p>Narratives Negative strips (x2)</p>
<p>blue patterend papers</p>
<p>sticker letters</p>
<p>puffy lobster&nbsp;</p>
<p>lined paper</p>
<p>journaling pen</p>
<p>blue ink</p>
<p>cloud overlays</p>
<p>I just can't make a simple LO. &nbsp;The more I plan for it to be simple…the more I just glob on!</p>
<p>Oh, well.</p>
<p>I cut a set of waves out of cardstock and used it as my template.</p>
<p>I traced it on all my blue patterend paper, vellum, laser cut paper and then cut it out.</p>
<p>I inked the waves' edges and the glued them to the page.</p>
<p>The I added a little bit of glue and white glitter to the tops of a few waves. &nbsp;(sea foam)</p>
<p>I really liked these <strong>negative strips</strong>. &nbsp;It is a revisit to a popular idea back when I first started scrapbooking…back when themes, die cuts and cute were all the rage. &nbsp;Hey…wait a minute…..</p>
<p>Anyway - beach pictures are like birthday pictures…or Christmas pictures: lots of color, lots of stuff in the background. &nbsp;For trips - I normally make a mini album and then use some close ups on other LO's that have nothing to do with the trip (like a funny thing my kiddo said). &nbsp;I&nbsp;like to make just 1 page for my main album for a trip. &nbsp;Making the pics small and unifying htem in the negative strip seemed to do the trick!</p>
<p>The <strong>puffy lobster</strong>. &nbsp;I mean, who can resist? &nbsp;I&nbsp;like to mix my own hand cut stuff in with purchased embellishments. &nbsp;It makes my purchased embellishment packs go much further. &nbsp;And the impact of the puffy lobster is well worth it to me:) &nbsp;</p>
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