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Resource - Tutorials : Paper Organization: Confessions of a Paper Junkie


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Resource - Tutorials : Paper Organization: Confessions of a Paper Junkie
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Resource - Tutorials : Paper Organization: Confessions of a Paper Junkie
by kellicrowe
posted 08/01/07
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My name is Kelli Crowe and I love paper.
How many of you would be at this meeting with me?
Show of hands?
Symantics, really.
Paper soothes me.
Paper makes me happy.
Paper inspires me.
And if I am not careful, paper will drown me because I have that much.

So here is how I organize my paper. The organization is kinda pieced together because it works best for me.
In fact, at the end of this, you may not even call it organization....but a survival technique.

Cardstock: Photo 1 is of my 6 verticle Cropper Hoppers of solid, textured cardstock.
I will tell you, I am a scrapbook snob when it comes to my solids. I want high quality here.
They are not in ROYGBIV order.....they are in the order I think they look prettiest.
Kraft, brown, black
white and shaped pieces
blues with a few purples...(I am still trying to use purple....trying)
yellow, orange, reds and pinks
8x11 pieces left over from the days before 12x12
Keeping them seperated makes me
1. happy
2. helps me to see what I have
3. lets me know I really do not need to buy any more green. really, no more.

See, not too crazy. Right? I am only warming you up.

Patterned paper: Photo 2 is of my 12 verticle Cropper Hoppers of patterned paper.
I said it, 12.
The patterned paper has to live at the other side of my counter....away from the solids.
The first container on the left is the rolled up pieces of weird paper.
(like faux suede or bumpy drawer liner paper)
The second and third are my KI papers by color.
Fourth and fifth and sixth are my Autumn Leaved papers seperated by AL, Rhonna and Foofala.
I use items from these two companies the they are seperated from the rest.
The seventh and eighth are just rub ons and transparency papers.
Nine, ten, eleven and twelve are all other paper companies by color.
Seriously, this is how I keep my papers.
It totally works for me.
Do you think I am too weird now? Can we still be friends?

But wait, there is more.

Specialty papers: Photo 3 is of my vellums, fiber papers and funky shiney papers (mostly origami stuffs).
I keep them in a special 12x12x4 plastic container from the Container Store.
I know, vellum. Really?
Hey, I bought a LOT of it about 3 years ago and I gotta keep it safe in this container...should I start to really use it again.

Scraps: Photo 4 is where I keep my scrap in the same size container. This box and my circle punches = total happy time for me.
I love that I can grab the whole box and take it in front of the tv if I want to work on a lo.
I cut up 95% of my patterened paper into I have LOTS of scraps.

New paper: Photo 5 is my newest paper. Usually what I have just gotten in. usually sits on my counter for a few weeks while I admire it and use it.

Hmmm, it looks organized but it doens't sound so organized.
As I typed this, I turned to my beloved, my husband, and asked him what he thought my paper organization said about my personality.
My darling said, "Freak."

As much as I wanted go verticle up side his head with a Cropper Hopper at that moment....I think there is some truth there.
It is organized for my needs. There is pattern...that is mostly discernable by just me.
I am a complicated girl. I like it the way I like it.

So I polled a few other Garden Girls to see how they organize. Here is what I found:
6 keep their paper mostly by manufactuer in Verticle Cropper Hoppers
1 keeps her paper mostly by color
1 has racks like from a store (see photo 6)
2 keep their paper in a drawer or amoire...out of sight
1 in a laundry basket
2 keep theirs in a "pile"
2 in paper stacking trays
1 organizes "crappily"
and one made her own Cropper Hoppers out of boxes.

Still want more on organizing paper? Here are some quotes from the girls themselves:

Jennifer Harrison: (see photo 7) in a deep drawer, vertically.. by manufacturer. I separate by using 12x12 cardboard things that 2ps sends in our boxes.

Kristina: I organize my paper by manufacturer and I store in legal size paper trays in one of my armoires. There are several stacked on top of each other for a total of 30 or so in the armoire.

(I wonder if they don't like paper out in the open)

Cindy Liebel had a different approach to the Cropper hopper: I use cropper hopper verticle filing system & file by mfg mostly. Instead of the files being upright, I lay them on their backs so I can just pull out my paper & not the entire file.

Loretta made me feel a little better about myself...however, she does come off as more normal than me: My paper is stored vertically in Cropper Hopper paper holders, by manufacturer. Apart from a couple of favourites which have their own holder, I have a few manufacturers in each one. I use the dividers that came with the containers, and I labelled the spine so I can read what is in each one. There is also a miscellaneous one. I have an IKEA Expedit bookcase for all my scrapping stuff, so I trimmed the tops of the paper holders to fit them in.

Jill had this cool idea of making her own verticle paper storage: Mine is stored by manufacturers in used priority mail boxes. I cut the boxes to match the shape of the cropper hopper things. I created dividers using cardstock and stapling tabs onto the edge. It's not pretty but it works. My friend Caroline came up with the idea, I think.

(just like her scrapbooking, very inventive)

Amy uses paper trays too like this: I use the paper stacking trays. I stand them on their side & they're all taped together. Then I have them sorted by manufacturer.

Cindy, Loretta, Rebecca, Sande, Jaimie, Jill, Veronica, Wendy, Tia, Margie, Rachel, Mary Grace, Jennifer Harrison, Kristina & Amy were all my survey girls. Some of these I gave away by their quotes...but do you think you can tell which ones keep their papers in a pile based on what you know about them?
I keep my new stuff in a pile, so I guess I fit too:)

I thought they had some clever ideas.

Hope you got some good ideas if you needed them.
Or validation
if you needed it that
if you are, in fact, a freak when it comes to your paper organization....
you are not alone!

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