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Project - Snowman cards using kid drawings

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This is just cuteness!

Project - Snowman cards using kid drawings
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Project - Snowman cards using kid drawings
by kellicrowe
posted 01/10/11
Galleries: Cardmaking

I made these 3 cards with a little help from my kiddos.
They are really easy to make. In fact, the explanation of how I did it will be harder to write up than making the card itself.

Photo 4: I had my boys draw snowmen on page protectors using a thick slick writers.

Photo 5: I cut the page protectors apart into rectangles.

Photo 6: I hand cut patterned paper to mimic the the shapes that my son drew. I held the smaller pieces of patterned paper under the page protector snowman and trimmed.

Photo 7: I temporarily taped one side of my page protector snowman to the front of my cardstock card (to hold it in place). One at a time, I glue dotted my patterned paper pieces in the right places under the overlay.

Photo 1: I punched holes using my Crop A Dile through the overlay and the cardstock card. I used ribbon to lace through the holes to hold the overlay to the card.

Photo 2: I used adhesive backed ribbon to hold the overlay to the card.

Photo 3: I punched holes and then used twine (with buttons on it)to hold the overlay on the cardstock card.
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