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Resource - Tips and Tricks: Tapes Used 5 Ways

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Resource - Tips and Tricks: Tapes Used 5 Ways
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Resource - Tips and Tricks: Tapes Used 5 Ways
by pearlygirly
posted 11/01/06
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Tape is a versatile scrapbooking product. While working on my projects using scrapbooking tapes, I couldn't help but think about how convenient it is that you don't need to use adhesive for these beautifully patterned strips. Yes, obvious, I know, but it made things go so quickly and smoothly. Here are a few ways to use the same tapes over and over.

Create a frame for a favorite photo.
1. Rip off 4 strips of tape.
2. Place them around the photo you want to highlight.
3. Add a contrasting tape to the bottom strip to give it emphasis.
4. Embellish with felt flowers and brads.

Dress up a chipboard shape.
1. Wrap pieces of the decorative tape around the chipboard.
2. Trim away any excess.
3. Add a contrasting tape to create a fun tape pattern.

Create lines for journaling.
1. Attach strips of tape to a journaling block.
2. Hand journal above the lines.
3. Attach journal block to a layout.

Create a fun cover for a composition notebook.
This is the quickest easiest way to make a change to composition QUICK!This was such a fast project that I think that I could have covered 10 covers in 30 minutes. I just loved doing this cover!
1. Add strips to cover.
2. Trim the excess.

Create patchwork accents using bits of tape.
1. Rip small bits of tape and place them onto cardstock.
2. fill a rectangular piece of cardstock with the random bits, mixing patterns.
3. Place a heart template over the taped cardstock and cut.
4. Use a scalloped square punch for another accent.
5. Punch leftover pieces with small circle punch.

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