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Project - Grandma's tasty pies!



The cupcakes provide great contrast.
The cherry pie in the center is what makes the LO!

Perfect papers and accents for this great story Alicia! How wondefull that you had photos of her with some of her pies!

I sooo love this!! Great story and love your choice of PP and embellishments! Thanks for posting the product line. I do a lot of recipe pages and will definitely have to check this line out.


Wonderful layout! The paper and colors are perfect.

LOVE your pp and perfect embellishments Alicia! What a great story to, a wonderful one to share with your children! Awesome that you had some photos to go with it!

Fab as always my friend!

You learn something new every day! And today I learned it about YOU!! So YOU can make pies!! How wonderful. My grandma was a grfeat pie maker too, but she kept her secrets--You are so lucky that your grandma shared. :) Beautiful page Alicia, and I'm sure a great memory!!

Project - Grandma's tasty pies!
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Project - Grandma's tasty pies!
by gumpgirl
posted 01/15/10 at 08:12 AM
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It's Flashback Friday, time for another heritage page from me. Our group was challenged to scrap a photo or photos where there is a story to tell, where you have to read between the lines of the photo(s). I chose the photo of my Grandma, and the photo of the pies because I do not have any photos of me baking pies but I needed to tell this part of my childhood.

Journaling reads: “You may look at these photos and see my Grandma and some pies, but what you may not know is that Grandma started a pie bakery out of her home, making up to 120 pies per day, especially for special occasions like the local county fair. She baked homemade pies for several local restaurants. Mom would do the puddings and cream pies. Aunt Mamie would put the fruit pies together, and Grandma would roll out all the pie dough. When Grandma got arthritis, she taught me how to roll dough, and at age 11, I got up at 6:00 a.m. every day before school to roll out all the pie dough for the pies that day. I learned to be a hard worker at a very young age. 1973” Alicia
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