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Project - Wild & Crazy!



I had to comment/ about your page about Denzil Bandy and the Country Rock-- I somehow found it in the gallery tonight, and I literally gasped out loud--- the two brothers in the picture are my uncles, Jeff and Ernie, and the guy you danced with, Jerry, is actually my father! Such a small world!

This is a great page! I can't wait to show my dad!

Love this funny page, Alicia !...
beautiful embellishments, as usual !...

what an absolutely fun fun retro lo!!!! its so totally perfect! you rocked this!!!

I love these flowers, they are so different from what I would put with this photo and yet just perfect.

what a fun page! and I love the bright colors!

I love the bright colorful flowers, and your journaling was fun to read too!

Project - Wild & Crazy!
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Project - Wild & Crazy!
by gumpgirl
posted 01/22/10 at 08:07 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

It's Flashback Friday, time for a heritage page from me. Today's challenge was to scrap a dance you went to, or some dances you did when you were a kid, etc. Well, being a good little Baptist girl, I never went to the school dances/proms, etc., but I did find this photo which reminded me of the one and only time I ever danced. My Dad was a C&W promoter and used to bring bands and C&W stars in to do concerts. One of the best local bands was called Denzel Bandy & the Country Rock. The 2 guys in the leisure suits with my Dad are 2 of the brothers in the band. One night at an American Legion concert, their younger brother, Jerry, came up to me and asked me to dance. I was 11 years old. Scared to death and having no idea how to dance, I remember getting out there on the floor and taking small steps back and forth. That was my first and only dance in my lifetime. I know….. I've lead a very exciting life, huh? That's my Flashback Friday story. Thanks for looking. Alicia

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