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Project - The clubhouse!



Oh my goodness Alicia! This just makes me smile and smile. I love all the fun products, the whimsical retro feel, just perfect for the time period and I loved reading about your clubhouse and the rules to get in. Mostly, I love that you took a photo that was far from perfect and made a spectacular page with it! WTG!

ooooo very cool and i'm all in w/the baggy tee shirt. love those. very cool design and colors. love it.

Alicia, what a fresh and fun LO! It's a funny story to accompany the photo but I just love looking at all your embellishments. They are diverse but really add to the happiness of this story when put together on the polkadot background. I especially love the bow made from a measuring tape.

Oh my goodness what a fun-tabulous page! Love the product you used and your design! AWESOME! :)

Way fun!!!! Thanks for giving me a smile today!!!

LOOOOOOOVE the story behind the lo!! This is so fabulous Alicia! Your los just always make me feel good!

Project - The clubhouse!
About this project

Project - The clubhouse!
by gumpgirl
posted 07/09/10 at 08:13 AM
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It's Flashback Friday, time for another heritage page from me. Today's challenge was to scrap a photo which shows someone's sense of humor. This really isn't intentionally showing sense of humor, but as I look back at it 30+ years later, I realize how funny this was. I'm the one in the back. Here's my journaling: “This is an awful photo but the only photo I have reminding me of the clubhouse we had as sisters. In order to belong to the club, you had to wear a baggy shirt, wear a dorky hat, and bring a penny to each meeting. Of course, only the 3 of us were members. We took the old corn crib out in the orchard, cleaned it out, white-washed the walls, and took all of our doll furniture out in it. We spent hours in that clubhouse, pretending. I even had a newsletter which I typed out every week. What fun times we had! 1974” Alicia
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