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Project - Scraproom: Branas baskets in my Expedits


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love your room with all the neat stuffs! beautiful! I got a question: the first photo with the journal labels in a green box on top of other things...I have been looking for this box of labels. Can you tell me where you got it and I do want to get this one! THANKS!

Project - Scraproom: Branas baskets in my Expedits
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Project - Scraproom: Branas baskets in my Expedits
by *Delphinium Twinkle*
posted 12/31/08 at 08:01 PM
Galleries: Scraprooms

This is only 5 of the 17 Branas baskets in my two Expedits.
1: This is my jounraling spots. I keep most of the sticker sopts and any that are too big to fit in my card catalog in this basket.
2: Foam stamps. Alphabets are organized by font.
3: This is my ribbon basket. I kjeep bolts of ribbon in here, all of my big rolls of bakers twine, and lots of olf fibers that I can't seem to let go of. Oh, and I put any new ribbon waiting ot be stored in 3x5 chipboard cards in the card catalog.
4: I like flashcards, so I needed a basket for them
5: I keep all my flowers in this basket. I have no idea why the sticker flowers are in there though, they need to be moved.

Thanks for looking

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