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15  Comments - 26 things June/July Color my world..

Aww thanks are so sweet! You know how to make a newbie feel welcome!!

Wow, these are very cool!

Great captures! Can see already that somebody has fun "thinking" the 26 things. sophie

Absolutely...beyond...OMGosh!!! Just love it! Especially the first one...that is such an incredible picture!

That is just too neat!! Love all the bright colors. And what a unique idea!!

Oooh I love these! Looks like a great place to take pics<img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

GREAT captures!! Love all the colors.. WOW!


I LOVE these - so colorful, and that bright blue door - wow!
Good job on the nice sharp photos!

these photos are FABULOUS! I love the bright colors. tfs

Rori, so glad you included these other umbrella shots, too. They are really cool. Wonderful comp going on in these--nice eye!

WOW....great for Color my world!

What a perfect choice for &quot;color my world&quot;. Love these photos! Very cool shop!

These are so charming and fun!! Love the colors here!!

So very cool! LOVE all of the color!

GREAT take on colour my world, very colourful.!!!!

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