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Project - Themed Projects : Repurposed Hardbound Book/3-Ring Binder A


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simply amazing!

Project - Themed Projects : Repurposed Hardbound Book/3-Ring Binder A
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Project - Themed Projects : Repurposed Hardbound Book/3-Ring Binder A
by tiabennett
posted 09/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>This album started at the Salvation Army and a local garage sale, where I picked up a vintage copy of <i>Pride and Prejudice</i> and a very old 2-ring recipe binder. I carefully removed the pages from the spine of the book, leaving the hardbound cover intact, and also separated the pages by removing the old glue adhesive from the page binding.

<p>Then, I attached the spine of the ringed binder to the spine of the book with large grommets, and finished attaching the remainder of the binder cover to the book jacket with E6000 glue. The two books weren't the same size, but that was okay…I was more interested in getting the rings in there than having a perfect fit, plus, the spines were similarly sized, so that was key.

<p>The inner pages are comprised of pages from the book, but the edges have been folded over and stitched. Pieces of lined paper and ribbon tabs were added to the seamline. I also added quote stickers and journaling lines (with a stamp). The front page has a flap that opens up to reveal a personal note to the recipient, and there are some extra tags tucked in the back in the binder pocket.


<p>Hardbound Book<br>
Ringed Binder (with equal spine width)<br>
Sewing Machine, Thread<br>
Grommets with Setter, Hammer<br>
Craft Knife<br>
Strong Liquid Adhesive<br>
Hole Punch<br>
Ribbon bits<br>
Journaling Lines Stamp, Ink
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