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Project - Little Artist in the Woods



Awesome layout with all the vibrant colors with the dark background. What a cool experience for your son.

This is so cute....the dark background makes that adorable picture really POP!!


I love the bright colors of this photo against the dark background. And that stitched flower/stem with all the bright colored leaves is such a perfect border! Marci

Love how you put together the background without taking away from the wonderful photo. Great job.


Such a sweet layout. Love how you reused the colours of the paint and created the fall look. Well done! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Project - Little Artist in the Woods
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Project - Little Artist in the Woods
by chic_mama
posted 10/03/07 at 08:50 AM
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This is for the FPD Blog Changes Challenge []

My son's preschool has a wonderful wooded area. They take the kids out and let them paint at easels.

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You had such an amazing experience at Riverfield Day School. When you first started you had no interest in painting or anything that got your hands dirty. Your teachers gradually introduced you to new textures and eventually you grew to love it. You love to paint and be messy now. I am so glad you have gotten past this sensory obstacle because now you are free to create. I hope that you continue to love art and that we can share this wonderful experience together as you get older.

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