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Project - Small Town USA- Flashback Friday 10/1

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Project - Small Town USA- Flashback Friday 10/1
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Project - Small Town USA- Flashback Friday 10/1
by Jangran
posted 09/30/09 at 06:23 PM
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Our challenge this week is to scrap a memory without a photo - fun challenge. I have to post early because I'm going out of town. Journaling is: The shops and stores in a small town were always so much fun to go in and everyone knew you and you knew them. Mayville had four little grocery stores, two were in town and two were down towards the lake. The ones uptown were a general store and an old IGA that's specialized in fresh cut meats.
My friends parents owned the jewelry/florist store in town and they lived upstairs from it. The local appliance store, the two grocery stores, the Sweet Shop and the Candy Factory were all owed the kids I went to school with parents.
There was a little bakery that we always went to. They had a bread slicing machine there for when you bought a fresh loaf of bread. My mother used to send me over there on Saturday morning with $.50 to buy a fresh Coffee Cake with cinnamon and made in an angel food cake pan. I think that their huge square cupcakes with the creme in the center sold for $.15.

The Sweet Shop carried a complete display of candy and made the best chocolate, cherry or vanilla cokes from the fountain. I loved to stop in there on the way to school and buy a Sky King candy bar. The Coffee Shop was down the street and it had it's regular customers every day.
There was one ladies store in town and one that specialized in men's clothes. The “major” department store in town was the local Ben Franklin's store with the wooden floors and the big old cash registers. I used to love to go in there and look at the toys and all the colorful items that they had. Probably the store that I never went in was Calhon's Variety store, she had cats in there always laying in the windows and it smelled. I don't think very many people went in there.
The drug store on the corner carried everything and had the nicest clerks that worked in there forever.
Growing up in a small town was fun but by the time I was getting to be a teenager things were already starting to change and look different. I go back through the town I grew up in and there are only a couple of places that have remained the same which is sad. The local diner is still there and is not much different, just a little bigger.
I can still picture every one of these places like I had just walked in them last week.

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