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Project - Spring sweet- spring



This is so pretty! I love all your little details like the birds and the pins. Great job with the border punch!!! tfs.

Gorgeous spring photos Jan - sorry you're feeling homesick! I love the cute little bird accents and the lacy edge punch.

beautiful page and wonderful yard. That is a great kit you used.

what wonderful photos!! sorry you are homesick. I'm homesick too--and I'm home. I miss my kids and grandkids too. :) Beautiful layout. love the design and the great springy feel.

Awww, I'm sorry you're missing home and will miss the blooms of spring and seeing your family on a daily basis. Your LO is absolutely lovely, as are all the photos of your amazing garden.

If my gardens looked that good ever, I'd miss them too

Project - Spring sweet- spring
About this project

Project - Spring sweet- spring
by Jangran
posted 03/24/10 at 10:20 AM
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Some pictures from last spring and some whining from me because I'm going to miss my trees and flowers this year. Journaling is:I keep telling myself that's it's going to be fine if I'm not home from Florida this spring in time to see all my flowering trees and the spring flowers all over the yard. For some reason it's just not working today. It's wonderful to be in Florida and having both places is a blessing I know.
I really know it's just not the flowers and the trees that are going to make want to be there it's the family. I miss them when I'm gone and they have been here to see us and I love the visits.
It's just the mom in me and the grandmother that misses the drop in visits , the walks with them, baking the cookies , restocking the refrigerator for the teenagers and just the daily interaction with them.
I guess it's normal to feel a little sad about it and I usually am fine. It's just today and looking at the calendar and knowing that it's going to be six more weeks before I can see my trees, flowers and my family.
It's just today- just today and six more weeks of it's just today.
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