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Project - Boys Love Trains

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Where did you get the font you used for the titles? It is so unique!

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Project - Boys Love Trains
About this project

Project - Boys Love Trains
by Julie Ann Shahin
posted 07/14/08 at 08:56 AM
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I didn't grow up with many boys around, having no brothers and a majority of girl cousins - so I'm not entirely sure of what is so appealing about a train set. I do remember the huge train display at the Columbus Center of Science and Industry (COSI). I do know that your Uncle David wants to take you to the Medley Kids Center on Train Night.<br><br>

So this is something you are going to have more in common with your Uncle David than with me. I would like to see this, both of you playing with trains together. I'm content to be the one taking photographs.<br><br>

On the day that this photo was taken, we were at the Strong Museum of Play, your first time ever. It also happened to be the first day of Spring Break so everyone and their brother were there too. I know it was overwhelming for you. You were ready to leave after a half-hour. Besides the toy Wegman's store, I think the trains were your favorite attraction. It was the only one you went back to twice. If only Uncle David had been there to play with you…


{credits} all from {we are} storytellers<br>

Doodle journal blocks: Storyteller Essentials Lines and Labels by Emily Merritt as wst<br>

Background paper: Storyteller Essentials Quote Me by Emily Merritt at wst<br>

Overlay: Foto Overlays 2 by Emily Merritt<br>

Frame: Old Photo Frames by Emily Merritt (retired)<br>

Train stamp: Things That Make You Go Zoom by Two Sisters at wst<br>

Alpha: Block Stamps by Emily Merritt (retired)<br>

Stitching: Stitched Frames by Emily Merritt (retired)<br><br>


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